The difference between differently packaged lip balms:

The lips easily become dry and cracked. It is especially noticeable when applying lipstick, if the lips are not moist enough, even a lipstick with a beautiful lip color will inevitably appear dry and cracked. At this time, lip balm is a must. How do we choose between so many varieties of lip balm on150
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Tips to avoid dry skin with the change of season (Part 1)

Spring is when the environment starts becoming dryer. The skin starts to become particularly sensitive and dry during this time. Many people think that the skin needs to be hydrated when it is dry, but sometimes people incorrectly hydrate their skin which leads to their skin becoming dryer. Some moisturizing techniques don’t actually hydrate the150
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Several products recommended by SkinCeuticals (Part 3)

SkinCeuticals/Duke Hydrating B5 Gel Moisturizing Gel Replenish water to promote product absorption efficacy: * Contains pure natural moisturizing factor – hyaluronic acid, effectively locks moisture and keeps moisturizing through the day. * Add vitamin B5 to replenish skin nutrition and make skin healthy and young * Suitable for all skin types; * It is recommended150
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Several products recommended by SkinCeuticals (Part 2)

SkinCeuticals/Duke Blemish + age Defense Purifying Regeneration Double-Action Defense Essence Five Acids Strong Anti-Acne Anti-aging   Ingredients: 2% dioic Acid Inhibits sebum secretion, reduces the production of propionate, reduces inflammation and sun pigmentation   0.3% Capryloyl Salicylic Acid Esterified Salicylic Acid Exfoliating aged keratinocytes, anti-inflammatory, and improves aging 1.5% Salicylic Acid Salicylic Acid Peel off150
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Several products recommended by SkinCeuticals (Part 1)

1: SkinCeuticals/Duke L-C SERUM 10%15%20% Essence      Efficacy: *SERUM 10% 15% 20% concentration, high stability L-vitamin C essence     * Protects skin from free radical damage, prevents aging and helps collagen production.     * Improve spotted fine wrinkles        * Provide skin light protection        * Mild formula 10% is especially suitable for sensitive150
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Why is Skinceuticals’ product different from other products?

Skinceuticals was founded in 1994 by Dr Sheldon pinnell, a well-known professor of dermatology at Duke University. Skinceuticals is known as the first cosmeceutical brand. After entering the country, the translated name is Xiuli, and Xiuli is actually Skinceuticals. 杜克 is the Chinese name used by agents in different regions before the change. The SkinCeuticals150
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Simple and effective scar removal DIY tricks

No matter where the scar is on your body, your confidence can be greatly reduced, but don’t worry there are many ways to treat scars. Scars can really hurt someone’s self esteem especially women who love beauty. Is there a way to remove scars? Let’s take a look at the simple and effective tricks!  150
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How can we improve the hydration of our legs?

Our skin easily dries out for a variety of reasons, especially when the season is dry or the environment is dry. Sometimes you will find that your leg skin is dry and peeling. There are several ways to solve dry skin on the legs.   Dry skin that peels off: attention to moisturizing The main150
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