PicoSure Treatment – Signaling a new day in skin revitalization

Chinese Super Star Bingbing Fan tried PicoSure last August and wrote a blog about how beneficial PicoSure to her skin. One year ago, I was wondering why these super star’s skin were better and better while staying up shooting movies everyday? You think that they were born like this? No, they just spend more money150
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What is Clear&Brilliant Laser? Obtain beauty without pain!

What is Clear&Brilliant Laser? Obtain beauty without pain! Clear&Brilliant uses the “Fractional Resurfacing” technology to create a number of tiny heated areas on the skin with tiny laser beams that use concentrated energy. When interacting with the skin, it uses thousands of lights to create heat which promotes the skin to rejuvenate itself. Most people150
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How to make whitening/brightening products work better?

Whitening/brightening the skin is a very important issue in a women’s life. Almost every female wants to whiten/brighten their skin. Many skin care products are designed to achieve skin rejuvenation and brightening, but it is difficult to see the brightening results. Why is this? How can we use whitening/brightening products to have a better result?150
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Things to do to help with facial irritation caused by allergies

People’s skin is sensitive, sensitive to the environment, food, skin care products, and pets. When people’s skin is too sensitive they will often develop allergies, allergies will cause the skin will have a series of reactions, such as acne, bumps, swelling, blisters, itching, etc. A lot of people have skin allergies, about 20% of people150
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Why choose PicoSure, the ultimate brown spot remover?

The PicoSure picosecond laser was developed by the high-tech laser company Cynosure. Picosure breaks down spots as fast as one trillionth of a second. PicoSure uses its technology to pulse on the skin which causes a pressure to break down ink or melanin, after the melanin or ink are broken down so small the body150
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PRP helps you recover your youthful skin!

PRP stem cell rejuvenation is the use of natural ingredients in the blood as a growth factor, these ingredients get injected into the affected skin, to refresh skin cells. After the procedure wrinkles become flat and collagen is created. These natural ingredient are rich in platelets, stem cells, and growth factors. It is present in150
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The difference between differently packaged lip balms:

The lips easily become dry and cracked. It is especially noticeable when applying lipstick, if the lips are not moist enough, even a lipstick with a beautiful lip color will inevitably appear dry and cracked. At this time, lip balm is a must. How do we choose between so many varieties of lip balm on150
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