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Ultherapy use high-intensity focused ultrasound principle to apply energy on the fascia layer, so that the collagen reaches a desirable denaturation temperature which is 60℃ – 70℃. This procedure stimulates collagen rejuvenation and builds a new collagen fiber mesh, in a non-invasive manner to achieve firming effect which is restoring skin elasticity and youthful vitality.

The main effect of the Ultherapy is lifting and firming. It stimulates the fascia layer to produce a tight pull, which makes loose skin tighter and achieve a youthful look. This is all done while stimulating a large amount of skin to produce a large amount of collagen, truly benefit the skin from the inside out.

Several major functions of Ultherapy:
1.Restores skin elasticity: stimulates collagen reorganization and rejuvenation, leave skin with a plump and elastic appearance.

2.Instantly reduce wrinkles: eliminates eye lines, mouth lines, diminishes neck lines and prevents neck aging.

3.Lifting skin: firming eye bags, double chin, loose cheeks, drooping eyes, and raises eyebrows.

Let’s see some contrast diagram before and after Ultherapy:

Ultherapy can meet many high medical needs. Just one time, it will smoothen the jaw line, tighten loose skin, and eliminate wrinkles. This procedure leaves no wounds and traces, it is also a no-pain, no recovery period surgery. You can see the result instantly after surgery, which gives you the ultimate skin experience. The powerful effect of the US version Ultherapy has been widely recognized in the plastic surgery industry. More and more beauty lovers have already enjoyed the miracle of Ultherapy. Keep in mind that it may take about 2-3 months to see the best lifting and firming effect of the skin.

Pay attention to some details before and after Ultherapy:

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight at least two weeks before treatment. Avoid products that irritate the skin three days before treatment. After Ultherapy, try not to wear heavy makeup before the swelling disappears. If it is necessary or not, make some light makeup, and choose non-irritating cosmetics. Wash face with warm water, neither too cold nor too hot, wash face gently, do not rub the skin.

How to take good care of your skin after the Ultherapy?

  1. Have more food rich in collagen before surgery and continue to take it for 3 months after surgery.
  2. Use mask for 7 days, remember not to use mask that has any function such as whitening, use alcohol-free, repair type replenishment mask.
  3. Use mild moisturizing products to keep skin nutritious and hydrate.
  4. Don’t eat spicy of greasy food after the Ultherapy, eat more vegetables and fruits, until your skin feels better.


JE Beauté is proud to present the latest technical support and software upgrades for Ultherapy 2019. In addition to the original DeepSee function, we have made further detail updates, such that we can see the different layer structures of the lower layer of skin more accurately and clearly. It further reduces the pain caused by the ultrasonic wave heating on the skin, and multiplies the collagen to penetrate deep into the surface of the dermis, and restores the most beautiful state of the skin to the amazing effect of instant firming and lifting. JE has prepared laughing gas for the guests who are worried about the pain to ease nervousness of the guests.

Ultherapy will give you youthful face. This technology will make you look 5-10 years younger!

JE Beaute we provide free beauty consultations, just feel free to call us a call.



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