Viveve Feminine Rejuvenation Treatment

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If you think collagen is just for your face, then you are out!
Collagen is also very important for your vaginal, ask JE about it today!

The loss of vaginal collagen can lead to decreased sexual sensation and urinary incontinence. But now there is a comfortable . clinically proven safe and effective treatment!

The Viveve Treatment works via a small probe which emits cryogen-cooling to protect the tissue and radiofrequency waves to heat the tissue. This prompts the production of new collagen to reinvigorate the tissue.

VIveve treats Vaginal Laxity, Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal Dryness and Sexual Discomfort.

VIVEVE efficacy:

Tightening Vagina
VIVEVE will tightening your vagina by 60%. 30 minutes treatment will stimulate a large number of collagen regeneration, make your vagina feel tighter instantly after the treatment , like a young beautiful girl.


Beautify Vagina
Reduce pigments, beautify the vagina by making it look pink. The color will be brightening by 70%.


Mosturizing Vagina
Eliminate dry and lubricate your vagina by 80%. Rebuild “private” microcirculation, improve “private” secretion, eliminate dryness, enhance vaginal lubrication and sexual pleasure.

Nourishing Vagina
Deep anti-aging, prevent aging and restore youthfulness by 80%. Repair damaged aging cells, activate cell regeneration, enhance cell vitality to increase pleasure.

Protect uterus and ovaries, eliminate gynecological diseases such as gynecological inflammation.

Viveve is suitable for people who are suffering from:

  • Vaginal laxity
  • Vaginal laxity caused by childbirth, frequent abortion, excessive sexual intercourse, etc
  • Sexual discomfort and vaginal inflammation
  • Symptoms such as decreased sensitivity, vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence caused by natural aging

What to pay attention after the treatment:

  1. 2-3 days after the treatment, discharge will increase, which is a normal phenomenon.
  2. Do not touch vagina with water after the treatment the same day.
  3. Avoid Spicy and Seafood, and do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  4. It’s important not to have sex for a week after treatment.

Questions and answers

Q:Who is not suitable for VIVEVE?
A:Vaginal bacterial or viral infections during pregnancy and menstruation

Q:How long does the treatment take?
A:Disinfection for about 5-10 minutes and treatment for about 30 minutes

Q:How soon can I have sex after treatment ?
A: 5-7 days after treatment.

Q:Where is the treatment take place?
A:Whole vagina

Q:How long does the tightening last?
A:For 1-2 years.




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