Benefits of PRP and Microneedling

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Why ladies should learn make-up and skin care?

The reason is: We can have thousands of clothes, millions of bills in our whole life, but we can only have a healthy body and skin.


The truth that a woman must understand:


  1. A pair of shoes should be polished, not to mention a face we use to show people everyday.
  2. A good image is a lady’s eternal fashion. Many people spend a lot of money to decorate their house. (In fact, not many people come to visit their house), but they don’t do skin care , others just see their dark yellow, wrinkled, stained face and a loose body shape. They don’t have class even if they have a lot of money. A good body shape, nice breast, a young face can win you more respect.
  3. People who take good care of their skin look the same when time pass by while those who don’t take good care of their skin look old.
  4. Beauty is consumptive. People can’t tell how rich you are from your look, but the image of you is priceless.
  5. Pan Hong mention in her book: Men are “bees”, bee’s nature is to pick flowers, if the flower at home is not beautiful enough, withered, bees will pick other flowers;
  6. Many women clean the floors better than their faces, but we know that no husband will kiss the floor.
  7. The image of a woman is the face of her husband and children. I have heard a short story about a mother who went to pick up her children from kindergarten. Other people thought she was the nanny of her child because she didn’t make up.


  1. Ladies should blame their parents for not being beautiful before the age of 20, and should blame themselves for not being beautiful after the age of 20.
  2. A good image will not make you successful definitely, but a bad image will definitely let you fail.
  3. A good image is a woman’s business card forever!

Therefore, ladies should take good care of their skin at every age. Skin care is an investment for the beauty of the future, so girls should act quickly.


JE Beaute PRP Treatment mainly extract and produce plasma which is rich in high density growth factor from our own blood, injected into the skin by three-dimensional injection technology. Many kinds of growth factors can penetrate into the whole skin tissue, activate facial atrophic fibrous tissue, adjust the whole skin structure, repair aging and damage skin. It can improve skin texture, tighten and improve facial skin, reduce wrinkle and depression scars, restore skin youthful state and delay skin aging.


PRP Treatment is suitable for people who has:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Facial skin is loose, uneven and dull.
  3. Depressed scars caused by trauma, acne, etc.

4.All kinds of pigmentation

  1. Pore and telangiectasia
  2. Dark circles around eyes
  3. Allergic skin


Please Note: Not all babies can be treated such as pregnant women, children, anemia, fever, liver dysfunction, coagulation dysfunction, pulmonary hemorrhage, septicemia, etc. These groups of people should not be injected in order to avoid adverse consequences.


How to take good care of your skin after surgery?


  1. Within 24 hours after surgery, keep face clean, do not touch water, and do not use irritating cosmetics.
  2. Do not expose to the sun after surgery. Do not use aspirin or other anticoagulant drugs within 15 days.
  3. Do not do steam sauna within one week after operation.
  4. Don’t eat spicy, greasy, seafood and other foods.

5.There will be different degrees of swelling on the day of operation for different people, this is just normal so don’t worry. It will not affect daily life because the swelling will be reduced on the same day. Sensitive skin parts such as eye circle may have needle eyes or cyanosis on the same day.

According to the self-healing mechanism of human body, JE Beaute Microneedling Treatment punctures the skin 100 times a second, using 0.2mm diameter micro-needle to puncture the skin directly in and out. Compared with other traditional micro-needle roller, the wound area is smaller, less painful during operation and the time for the recovery of redness and swelling after operation is faster.

Function of  Treatment:

1.Minimally invasive repair

2 Deep stimulation of dermis

3 Creating Skin Nutrition Channels


Microneedling Treatment applied for people who has:

Metabolic Pigment Defects: Fine pore, stimulate collagen production, make your skin firm and baby soft

Reduce lines: fine lines on the face, obesity lines, pregnancy lines

Repair scars: holes, acne scars and other uneven scars, fine pores, stimulate collagen production.


Frequency of Treatment:

Microneedling Treatment use the principle of physical minimally invasive to stimulate collagen regeneration. Skin improvement can be seen in every treatment. The more the treatment you do, the better you look. Treatment is recommended at least 4 to 6 times. The combination of PRP therapy and Microneedling can enlighten the self-repair function of human body, and the effect is better.

JE Beaute Microneedling Treatment is the only FDA-certified brand. Our doctor has been engaged in dermatology work for many years. He has  medical knowledge and many clinical experience, he is good at many projects. Pretty sure he help beauty lovers achieve their dreams .






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