What is Clear&Brilliant Laser? Obtain beauty without pain!

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What is Clear&Brilliant Laser? Obtain beauty without pain!

Clear&Brilliant uses the “Fractional Resurfacing” technology to create a number of tiny heated areas on the skin with tiny laser beams that use concentrated energy. When interacting with the skin, it uses thousands of lights to create heat which promotes the skin to rejuvenate itself. Most people have no discomfort, and only a few people become slightly red and swollen after the treatment. The redness and swelling will disappear over time. The process is also quite comfortable.

This is a non-invasive treatment, and is the best treatment if you want quick and visible results. Unlike other laser skin treatments, Clear & Brilliant is specially designed to improve skin problems of all types. It can effectively improve many common skin aging problems such as uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and dull skin. With the shortest treatment time and postoperative recovery period typically about 30 minutes per session. There is typically zero down time so wont won’t miss out on any social activities you have. After the treatment the skin will come out looking even, white, smooth and with an even skin texture.

Clear & Brilliant uses a gentle and safe 1440nm segmented laser technology to create millions of tiny treatment areas on the skin with laser energy, allowing skin tissue to heal itself, minimizing damage to the epidermis and minimizing skin damage. The whole effect is like injecting collagen, which has a magical effect at tightening your skin, tightening pores, helps with dullness and revitalizes the skin.

Main effects of the treatment: Improve skin texture, achieve an even skin tone, reduce pigmentation, tightens pores, reduce fine lines, and improves skin aging symptoms

If there are any detailed questions that are not covered in this article, please contact our JE Beauté experts and we will provide free skin care consultation services.


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