How often should you use a face mask to get the best results?

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The facemask can be used once every 2~3 days. The frequency of use differs depending on the efficiency of the face mask. The moisturizing mask can be used almost every day; the face mask with deep cleansing effect should be used no more than 2 times a week. The face mask should also be used more often with dry skin and less often with oily skin. If you use the masks too frequently it can cause excessive nutrition, causing allergies, acne, etc.

Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes unless it is stated otherwise. Many people think that if you use the mask for longer you will get more nutrients but this is not true. If you leave the face mask on it will actually absorb less nutrients. If the mask is left on the face for too long it can cause hypoxia. The hypoxia causes the nutrients to be unable to be absorb normally. In severe cases, the skin will start to turn yellow.

The best time to apply a face mask is from 10pm to 2am. As long as the face mask is done correctly, the mask will work well.


How to apply the face mask correctly:

The first step is to use a cleansing cream to remove grease and dirt from the face to avoid clogging the pores on the face. It is best to use a cleansing cream with an adsorption property, such as a bamboo charcoal cleansing cream, to clean the face more thoroughly.


The second step, after cleansing, apply a warm towel on the face, and massage the face to fully open the pores, so that the essence on the mask can be fully absorbed. This process lasts about 3 minutes.


In the third step, apply a mask suitable for the skin and gently press it  against your face with your hands to make the mask completely cover the face.You should leave the face mask on for 15-20 minutes unless stated otherwise. The face can now absorb enough essence, and won’t get hypoxia .


In the fourth step, after applying the mask, the essence on the face can be applied to other parts of the body. Then apply a cold towel on the face so that the pores can be shrunk to prevent the pores from becoming too big after the mask is finished.


The mask is a great and important part of a skincare routine, although it is good, unless it is specially required, it should not be used every day. Some masks have a clearly labeled period, such as a 5-day course. If you want to achieve the best results, you should strictly abide by it. If you use a cleansing mask every day, it will cause skin sensitivity and even redness and swelling, this will cause mature keratin to lose its ability to an resist external invasion; the moisturizing mask will cause acne if used every day; the hydrating mask can be used every day in the dry season. use. In case of emergency, it can be used at any time.

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