The difference between differently packaged lip balms:

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The lips easily become dry and cracked. It is especially noticeable when applying lipstick, if the lips are not moist enough, even a lipstick with a beautiful lip color will inevitably appear dry and cracked. At this time, lip balm is a must.

How do we choose between so many varieties of lip balm on the market? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of differently packaged lip balms!

Tubular shaped lip balm:

The design of the tubular lip balm is the same as that of the lipstick. It can be used by rotating it, which is convenient. However, the wax content is high and lacks a repairing effect.

Toothpaste shaped lip balm:

Generally, the toothpaste-like lip balm is semi-solid, has a high degree of moisture, and has some excellent repairing effects. It can be used as a layer of protection for your lips. Toothpaste-like is also divided into plastic toothpaste and aluminum tube toothpaste. The aluminum tube toothpaste does not have air in the back flowing during use, and is not easily oxidized. Therefore, the aluminum tube toothpaste-like lip balm is better.

Canned shaped lip balm:

Generally, the canned lip balm has a good moisturizing effect and good composition, but it is not so convenient to use because the lip balm goes everywhere, on your hands and even inside your nails.

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